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With Captain Sea Whiskers, you and your family can explore and play all over the globe.

You'll fall in love with with his cat-chy rhymes and purr-fect puns.


Captain keeps you wanting to learn, laugh, read and play more and more!


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& Highlights!

DIY Paint Projects

Have Fun Painting These Furry Friends


Captain Sea Whiskers loves crafts.


He loves them so much he picked out his favorite cats and made them into paintings!

We have many furry models for these paint-by-number kit. 

Captain Sea Whiskers is a proud supporter of the MEOW Foundation & Regal Cat Café

Your purchase is helping this foundation and its various programs.

30% of sales from each painting goes back to the Foundation. 

You can snag one of these kits online at the MEOW store or in person at the upcoming MEOW Markets.


Guest Appearance

Can You Spot Captain Sea Whiskers?

Captain Sea Whiskers is thrilled to be playing hide-and-seek in the new Children's Book


I'm The Biggest Helper With Momma's Autoimmune Disease. 

Can you find him in the book? 


You can learn more about this book in the link below!

Pile Of Books

Our Book Series

Reading for the whole family

Be sure to grab a blanket (or cat!) and cuddle with your favorite family member or friend and grab one of our new books.


Together you can  read all about the adventures Captain Sea Whiskers and crew get up to. 

Good news! We have a whole book series planned for this adventurer, so the fun doesn't have to end. 

July 1, 2020 import 001.JPG

The Team

Creators, QC & Project Manager

The Foisy family is at the heart of all Captain Sea Whiskers books, crafts and projects. 

The Foisy family loves to travel & explore; and these adventures are inspiration for all exploration done by Captain Sea Whiskers and his crew. 

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