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The Team

Meet the creators behind The Captain


Heather Yaskiw

 Creator, Crafter and Cat Enthusiast

Heather has a passion for art and is a lover of all things cats! 

 a Heather lives with multiple chronic illnesses leaving her disabled and with mobility issues. Because she spends so much time at home, she is the perfect purrator, or should we way curator, of these great paint projects. 

Heather has her own blog dedicated to helping individuals with Sjögren's, Lupus and other chronic invisible illnesses. You can find her helping other patients at or online Tiktok @SpoonieSelfCare

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Marc Foisy

Project Lead, CEO, CFO

Marc Foisy is the Publisher and  Owner of Foisy Fur Friends. He is also Heather's primary caregiver on days she needs it.


He works hard to bring all of the  creative projects to market where you can purchase these fun paint kits.


Quality Control

Phoenix heads up our quality control. 

He helps to love all the pets we enslist for our projects. 

Phoenix can be found most days at the park playing soccer, or snuggled up on the couch with a furry friend (or two!), playing Fortnite. 

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